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What this website is about

This website focuses on the professional interests of Robert D. Anderson, part-time academic, consultant, trainer, former senior staff member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat (1997-2019) and, earlier in his career, former staff member of the Canadian Competition Bureau (1982-1997) and of the Saskatchewan (Province of Canada) Budget Bureau (1981-82).


These interests include:

  • The history, rationale for and future of multilateralism;

  • Procurement reforms in emerging and developing economies;

  • The relationship of competition policy to government procurement; and

  • The relationship of competition policy and intellectual property rights.


NB: this website does NOT attempt to track the latest developments concerning WTO case law or negotiations. For that, I recommend the International Economic Law and Policy Blog ( and the website of the WTO itself (


For current developments regarding international government procurement policy, I recommend the websites of Jean Heilman Grier ( and Prof. Chris Yukins of the George Washington University (

About Robert

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