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Edited research volumes

Recent/forthcoming articles
  • Anderson, Robert D., Philippe Pelletier and Christopher R. Yukins, "Government Procurement in the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: A Global Beachhead for Market Access and Good Governance", to be published in The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Its Substance and Impact on International Trade, NAFTA and Other FTAs, Prof David A. Gantz & Dr Jorge Huerta Goldman (eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming (2021).

  • Anderson, Robert D., William E. Kovacic and Antonella Salgueiro, “Competition policy in relation to public procurement: an essential element of the policy framework for addressing COVID-19 and its aftermath,” to be published in Sue Arrowsmith et al, eds., Public Procurement in (a) Crisis:  global lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic (forthcoming 2021).

  • Anderson, Robert D., "The UK’s New Role in the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: Understanding the Story and Seizing the Opportunity," (2021) 30 Public Procurement Law Review, Issue 3, 2021.

  • Anderson, Robert D., Alison Jones and William E. Kovacic, “Preventing Corruption, Supplier Collusion and the Corrosion of Civic Trust: A Pro-competitive Program to Improve the Effectiveness and Legitimacy of Public Procurement.” (2019) 26(4) George Mason Law Review 1233, TLI Think! Paper 5/2019, King's College London Law School Research Paper No. 19-14, Available here:

  • Anderson, Robert D. and Nadezhda Sporysheva, "The revised WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: evolving global footprint, economic impact and policy significance" (2019) 28 Public Procurement Law Review 71.


  • Anderson, Robert D., Anna Caroline Müller, William E.  Kovacic and Nadezhda Sporysheva, "Competition policy, trade and the global economy: Existing WTO elements, commitments in regional trade agreements, current challenges and issues for reflection", WTO Working Paper, ERSD-2018-12, available at (74 pp.)

  • Anderson, Robert D. and William E. Kovacic, "The application of competition policy vis-à-vis intellectual property rights: the evolution of thought underlying policy change," forthcoming in Robert D. Anderson, Antony Taubman and Nuno Carvalho, eds., Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in Today's Global Economy (to be published jointly by Cambridge University Press, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the WTO in 2021), chapter 4 (Preliminary text available here: ).

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